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[Sarah] Flamingo Back Turned

Options from Flamingo Back Turned (Work in Progress). Please use the names below the images to identify moves and ignore the names on the images. For strikes, the number within the brackets is the execution speed. For throws, the letters within the bracket is the throw escape direction (forward, down, catch, etc).

Flamingo Back Turned Options
  1. [10] Turn Knuckle - options
  2. [11] Turn Kick
  3. [13] Turn Low Straight
  4. [17] Turn Low Spin Kick
  5. Moonsault - 
  6. Step-in Menance - 
  7. Back Turned - 

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Version: VF5FS Version A.1

1.  Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown Master Guide - Majority of Frame Data (Pre-Version A).

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