VF Moves Project

A work in progress resource for Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown

June 17, 2021 - Issues with image host site, most if not all images related to Final Showdown are not viewable. Updating blog with Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown (Virtua Fighter eSports in Japan) images.

[General] Stage

There are 10 types of stages.  The Octagon and Full Fence stages are the only stages where ring out is not possible.

Ring Size | Fence Type [Stage Name]
10x10m | Octagon  [Arena, Water Falls]
06x16m | Rectangle (Fence on the 16m sides) [Deep Mountain, Palace]
10x10m | Full Fence [City, Ruins]
12x12m | Breakable Full Fence [Abandoned Dojo, Grassland]
12x12m | Breakable Half Fence [Aurora, Island]
12x12m | Half Fence [Shrine, Temple]
16x16m | Full & Open [Snow Mountain, Training Room]
16x16m | Single Wall [Great Wall, Sanctuary] 
16x16m | Low Fence [Arena, Island]
16x16m | Open [River, Sumo Ring]

Version: VF5FS Version A.1

[Updates] September 27, 2014 Change Log

Over half a year since the last blog entry. Hopefully, I will have the motivation to update this on a more regular basis. Some of the more recently made Photobucket slideshows are not working anymore. I think I will abandon the slideshows and try to do something else.

Edited Pages: 
Special Low Strike - added Special Low Strikes List
Special Mid Strike - minor edit, added some statistics
Special High Strike - added Special High Strikes List

[Commentary] VF as a Speed Guessing Game and Format of Blog Entries

March 8, 2014 - Moving forward with the VF Moves Project, my goal is to compile lists of options in a given situation and their consequences with an emphasis on Virtua Fighter being played as a speed guessing game.  To elaborate, ones' success in Virtua Fighter is based on how quickly one can: recognize opponent's tendencies; process what options are available and their consequences; and execute command inputs correctly.  I think I will write a little bit more on those aspects later.  In analyzing the game's system, I plan on writing those entries with the following formats:

[Random] Joudan (上段), Chudan (中段), and Gedan (下段) and Moves' Names

March 4, 2014 - Random musings related to Virtua Fighter...first of all, I am not fluent in Japanese.  I only know enough of the Japanese language to confidently transcribe command lists for VFDC.  Everything else are very rough translations.  From watching streams of Japanese VF play, I have started picking up some of the words and sentences.  These are mostly VF-centric words and sentences.  The first of my "random" blog posts is about  three common words you may hear when watching Japanese VF streams:  

[Updates] Command Inputs added to all Characters' Default Stance Pages

March 1, 2014 - A goal of the VF Moves Project is to present every option available in any given situation.  I hope this would be an efficient way to learn aspects of the game without trying to over simplify or over complicate things.  Majority of situations during a match, characters will have all the options available from their respective default stance pages.  These pages will constantly be referred to in future blog entries.

For the end of this week, I have finished adding command inputs to all the characters' default stance pages.  In the future, I will add more notes to each page, similar to the content available on Akira's page. 

[Updates] VF Moves Project Early Build completed

February 21, 2014 - Finally, all preliminary images added and all indices updated with links. Construction of the Early Build of the VF Moves Project is completed!  The idea for the blog has been in my head since early 2008 and the actual construction specifically for Final Showdown took ~1 and a half years to complete.  Over 1700 blog entries and 3000 preliminary images forms the backbone of  what I hope will be a useful resource for others as well as for my own VF education.