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[Commentary] VF as a Speed Guessing Game and Format of Blog Entries

March 8, 2014 - Moving forward with the VF Moves Project, my goal is to compile lists of options in a given situation and their consequences with an emphasis on Virtua Fighter being played as a speed guessing game.  To elaborate, ones' success in Virtua Fighter is based on how quickly one can: recognize opponent's tendencies; process what options are available and their consequences; and execute command inputs correctly.  I think I will write a little bit more on those aspects later.  In analyzing the game's system, I plan on writing those entries with the following formats:

1. Make a generalize statement and then list the exceptions to the statement.  Learning the game you want to simplify things or group things as much as possible through guidelines.  However, as with most things, there are usually exceptions to the rule.  To be comprehensive and also try to be an efficient learning tool, a generalize statement and the exceptions to the statement will be a common theme in the blog entries.

2. In situation X, if I anticipate opponent to take action Y, then I take action Z.  This format of blog entries tries to reinforce the guessing game aspect of Virtua Fighter.

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