Welcome to the Early Build of the VF Moves Project. Currently, this is a bare backbone blog for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown with hopes that it would be a useful resource in the future. If this is the first time visiting, I recommend checking out the Introduction post.

[Updates] VF Moves Project Early Build completed

February 21, 2014 - Finally, all preliminary images added and all indices updated with links. Construction of the Early Build of the VF Moves Project is completed!  The idea for the blog has been in my head since early 2008 and the actual construction specifically for Final Showdown took ~1 and a half years to complete.  Over 1700 blog entries and 3000 preliminary images forms the backbone of  what I hope will be a useful resource for others as well as for my own VF education.

Transition to the Main Build
(image adapted from acf.org)

It's been a long time, but the construction of the Early Build was broken into 3 Stages.  The first stage is the capturing and uploading of preliminary still images, completed in the fall of 2012.  The second stage--"tree trunk" stage--was to create each character's starting point in the blog.  These would be the characters' default stance pages, completed in the winter of 2012.  The last stage of the Early Build--"tree branches" stage--was to create all the move pages and linked them to the the blog's "trunk" pages, for example the character's Default Stances, unique stances, and situational pages.  This stage took the longest and was completed recently.

My goal now is to transition to the main build of the blog--the "tree leaves" stage.  For those that have look at the current move pages, they have little to no information in them.  I plan to update these pages with information, basically filling the branches with leaves.  It is expected that the VFDC's command lists will be getting a major update fulfilling some of the purposes I intended with the move pages.  Thus, updates on the move pages will be done slowly in conjunction to new blog posts pertaining to system analysis, practical application, and miscellaneous topics related to Virtua Fighter.

Once every week, I plan to make one "Updates" post to summarize what have been changed or updated in the blog.  For the immediate future, I will be adding command inputs to each of the character's default stance pages.

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