Welcome to the Early Build of the VF Moves Project. Currently, this is a bare backbone blog for Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown with hopes that it would be a useful resource in the future. If this is the first time visiting, I recommend checking out the Introduction post.

[General] Stage

There are 10 types of stages.  The Octagon and Full Fence stages are the only stages where ring out is not possible.

Ring Size | Fence Type [Stage Name]
10x10m | Octagon  [Arena, Water Falls]
06x16m | Rectangle (Fence on the 16m sides) [Deep Mountain, Palace]
10x10m | Full Fence [City, Ruins]
12x12m | Breakable Full Fence [Abandoned Dojo, Grassland]
12x12m | Breakable Half Fence [Aurora, Island]
12x12m | Half Fence [Shrine, Temple]
16x16m | Full & Open [Snow Mountain, Training Room]
16x16m | Single Wall [Great Wall, Sanctuary] 
16x16m | Low Fence [Arena, Island]
16x16m | Open [River, Sumo Ring]

Version: VF5FS Version A.1

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